Plan Sponsors

KCERA provides service retirement, disability retirement and death benefits to eligible employees of the following public employers in Kern County, California:

Berrenda Mesa Water District
Buttonwillow Recreation and Park District
East Kern Cemetery District
Inyokern Community Services District
Kern County
Kern County Superior Court
Kern County Water Agency
Kern Medical
Kern Mosquito and Vector Control District
North of the River Sanitary District
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
Shafter Recreation and Park District
West Side Cemetery District
West Side Mosquito and Vector Control District
West Side Recreation and Park District

Employer Contribution Rates

Each year, KCERA’s actuary, Segal Consulting, provides the Board of Retirement with an actuarial analysis of KCERA’s funding in the previous fiscal year. The report, known as an actuarial valuation, tells plan sponsors how closely KCERA’s demographic and economic assumptions aligned with the prior year’s actual “experience.”

The actuary quantifies these data points and calculates the contribution rates of each plan sponsor for the coming fiscal year. Before the recommended contribution rates can take effect, the actuary must present them to the Board of Retirement for adoption. KCERA then notifies the plan sponsors about their applicable rates, which may be presented to their governing boards.

Click here to view KCERA’s recent actuarial valuations.

GASB Reports

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) issued two statements that changed the way public retirement systems like KCERA disclose pension information. KCERA created this section for the benefit of its plan sponsors and to comply with the GASB standards.  Click here to view the recent GASB 68 Actuarial Valuations.


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