Meeting Calendar

Board of Retirement meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. unless otherwise indicated on the following meeting calendar.

Meeting Date Meeting Type
2018-01-04 Administrative Committee
2018-01-10 Board of Retirement
2018-01-17 Administrative Committee
2018-02-08 Investment Committee
2018-02-08 Administrative Committee
2018-02-09 Administrative Committee
2018-02-14 Board of Retirement
2018-02-14 Finance Committee
2018-02-16 Administrative Committee
2018-03-14 Board of Retirement
2018-04-11 Board of Retirement
2018-04-11 Administrative Committee
2018-04-25 Finance Committee
2018-04-30 Investment Committee
2018-05-09 Board of Retirement
2018-05-30 Administrative Committee
2018-05-31 Finance Committee
2018-06-13 Board of Retirement
2018-06-26 Investment Committee
2018-07-11 Board of Retirement
2018-07-11 Administrative Committee
2018-08-01 Special Board
2018-08-08 Board of Retirement
2018-08-08 Administrative Committee
2018-09-12 Board of Retirement
2018-09-19 Finance Committee
2018-10-01 Investment Committee
2018-10-10 Board of Retirement
2018-10-10 Administrative Committee
2018-11-07 Board of Retirement
2018-11-07 Administrative Committee
2018-12-05 Investment Committee
2018-12-12 Board of Retirement
2018-12-12 Nominating Committee
2018-12-12 Administrative Committee
2018-12-19 Finance Committee
2019-01-09 Board of Retirement
2019-01-09 Administrative Committee
2019-01-30 Administrative Committee
2019-02-13 Board of Retirement

The Board also holds separate meetings on an as-needed basis for its Administrative, Finance, and Investment Committees. To view the agenda of upcoming meetings or the minutes of past meetings, please click here.

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