Educational Videos

Retirement Planning Seminar

KCERA hosts semiannual Retirement Planning Seminars for members interested in retiring within the next three years. Please use the Contact Us page to sign up for KCERA’s next seminar when it is announced.

Click here to view KCERA’s e-Seminar, recorded on June 22, 2017. The video includes presentations by the Retired Employees of Kern County (REOKC), KCERA, Social Security Administration, Kern County Health Benefits and Kern County Deferred Compensation.

New Employee Orientation

As part of the county’s “new hire” process, Health Benefits provides you with a welcome packet, which includes an informative booklet about KCERA and its valuable retirement benefits. You may also be instructed to watch an online presentation (“New Employee Orientation”) that corresponds to the KCERA booklet.

If you have questions not answered by the online presentation, please consult the Member Handbook or contact the KCERA office.

Other Educational Videos

Click here to view a Divorce & Community Property video, which discusses KCERA’s documentation requirements for resolving a community property claim on a member account.

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