• Member Handbook. This handbook summarizes the main features of the KCERA plan. It is an informative reference guide for understanding KCERA and the retirement benefits available to members.


  • New Employee Orientation. This booklet provides concise explanations of the main features of the KCERA plan, including those most applicable to new members. The document is part of the packet given to new employees who attend a County-sponsored New Employee Orientation.
  • Pre-Retirement Planning Guide. This booklet provides detailed information to help members prepare to retire from KCERA.


  • Marriage Dissolution. This pamphlet summarizes KCERA’s divorce process and documentation requirements.
  • Reciprocity. This pamphlet describes the benefits of establishing reciprocity with another public retirement system in California.
  • Retirement Contributions. This pamphlet answers the most commonly asked questions about member contributions to KCERA.
  • Temporary Annuity Option. This pamphlet provides general information about the TAO, an income-leveling program available to members who retire before age 62.

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