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Pension Payment CalendarCheck mailed June 26, 2024Direct deposit June 28, 2024

Applying for Retirement

After years of working, you are finally ready to retire! You have followed KCERA’s suggested timeline to help you plan for this day:

  • Your retirement date has been picked,
  • Your service purchases have been paid off,
  • Your retiree health insurance has been discussed,
  • Your retirement option has been decided,
  • Your divorce paperwork has been submitted, if applicable, and
  • Your department has been notified.

The last step in the process is to complete and return KCERA’s retirement application packet (see Member Forms) within 60 days of your retirement date. The packet consists of the Application for Service Retirement, Retirement Payment Authorization, Beneficiary Designation Form and Electronic Remittance Request Form. Be sure to follow the instructions on the forms and include all requested documentation, such as copies of your marriage certificate and driver’s license.

If you decide to rescind your retirement after submitting an application packet, you must provide a written rescission notice to KCERA.

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