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KCERA Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Photo of the KCERA building

Message from Dominic D. Brown, Chief Executive Officer
As Chief Executive Officer, it is my pleasure to issue the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan on behalf of the Kern County Employees’ Retirement Association (KCERA).

The Strategic Plan outlines a set of initiatives that guide KCERA in the pursuit of our mission. The five goals of our framework will guide us as we focus on particular areas of diligence and process improvement for the upcoming period.
Over the past year, we faced numerous challenges including the implementation of the Alameda Decision and emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Some of last year’s accomplishments we are most proud of include:
• Created new Communications Manager position and hired a new employee to lead efforts to enhance education and communication for members and stakeholders
• Grew investment unit to four investment professionals and continued expanding the allocation to private markets
• Developed and presented KCERA’s first annual HR Report
• Conducted a full evaluation of the merits of KCERA Property, Inc. and took action to dissolve it
• Made significant progress on backlog of Disability claims and streamlined process for future member filings
• Completed implementation of the Alameda Decision
• Revamped the SRBR program to simplify and enhance benefits in a sustainable manner
As we move into a new fiscal year, we are keeping our core values at the forefront of everything we do. Key components like stewardship, communication, and fiduciary duty are critical to providing our members with excellent customer service and financial security.
We will look for opportunities to constantly improve in every area to provide our members with exceptional retirement-related services in a cost-effective manner. I look forward to leading our hard-working staff on behalf of Trustees in service to our members and stakeholders in the upcoming year.
Respectfully submitted,
Dominic D. Brown
Chief Executive Officer

Read the complete KCERA Strategic Plan 2023-2026 here
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