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Benefit Estimator

Members can use KCERA’s Member Portal to run and view estimates of their monthly retirement benefit. The benefit amount displayed will reflect the information currently in the system or you may project your final average compensation to estimate your benefit. To receive an unofficial benefit estimate, please follow the link below to the member portal and if not already registered for an account follow the instructions on the page to establish one. Once in the portal select Run and View Estimates and follow the on screen instructions.  Registration instructions can be found here as well.

Go to the KCERA Member Portal



* The estimated gross monthly benefit does not take into account any deductions from your payment, such as tax withholding or health insurance premiums. Calculations performed by the Benefit Estimator are not official estimates. KCERA cannot and will not be bound by the results of your use of the estimator. If an benefit estimator calculation differs from an official benefit calculation performed by KCERA staff, the latter calculation will prevail. The benefit you will receive at retirement is determined pursuant to the County Employees’ Retirement Law of 1937, not all of which is currently captured in the online tool.

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