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Pension Payment CalendarCheck mailed March 29, 2023Direct deposit March 31, 2023


The overall objective of the KCERA Plan is to provide retirement, disability, survivorship, cost-of-living and supplemental benefits to its vested members and their beneficiaries. To achieve this goal, KCERA must invest the funds received through employer contributions, employee contributions and investment earnings. Together, these funds permit KCERA to pay for the benefits earned by past, present and future members.

Historically, most of KCERA’s funding has come from investment returns, which is a key focus of the Board of Retirement. The Board has adopted an Investment Policy Statement to provide a framework for KCERA’s investment program. The program’s primary objective is to meet or exceed its actuarial assumed rate of 7.25% over the long term while permitting KCERA to satisfy its ongoing financial obligations.

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