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KCERA Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the KCERA Photo Contest. We have some amazing photogaphers in Kern County! We really enjoyed the photos that were shared.  Here is a list of the photos that were voted best by our staff. 


1: Kern County Purple Wildflowers

May contain: nature, outdoors, scenery, countryside, and hill


2: Milky Way Red Rock Canyon

A starry night sky above orange-lit rock formations.


3: Kernville

May contain: plant, tree, vegetation, fir, outdoors, nature, scenery, pond, water, creek, stream, leaf, and land


4: Calm Day on Isabella Lake

A vivid mountain landscape with a reflective lake under a clear blue sky.


 5: Kern River Evening

May contain: nature, outdoors, pond, water, rock, creek, and stream


Black & White:

1: Wood and Weeds, Woody

Black and white photo of grasses in front of a wooden fence.



2: Sheepherder wagon

Dramatic black and white landscape with a solitary shack under a cloud-filled sky.



1: Fox Theatre

A historic theater with "FOX" on the marquee, street corner with traffic lights and pedestrians, under a blue sky.


2: Steel Meets Nature

An industrial facility with structures and flaring flames against a cloudy sky at dusk or dawn. Image is rotated 90 degrees clockwise.



1: Kern County Fire Helicopter

A helicopter on a helipad with a vibrant sunset sky in the background over hilly terrain.


2: Flying High

Helicopter hoisting a person against a blue sky with wispy clouds.



Retired Life:

1: Fishing

Person fishing by a calm lake with a dramatic cloudy sky overhead.



2: Prospecting Kern River

Person panning for gold in a stream, with equipment nearby.



1: KC Probation Dog

A happy dog next to a wooden American flag.



2: Daisy

A black and white photo of two cows in a field.



3: King Wild Wolves Preserve

A dog peeking through lush green grass.




1: Night Out

Vintage theater marquee with neon lights, people queuing, and an event sign for Dwight Yoakam.



2: Split

A banana split with various ice cream flavors, whipped cream, nuts, syrup, and a cherry on top.



1: KC Fair Midway

A bustling fairground with illuminated Ferris wheels, rides, "Butler Amusements" sign, banners, and a crowd of visitors enjoying the evening.



2: Honor Flight Coming Home

A group of people waving American flags, possibly at a patriotic event or celebration.


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